Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Larry Bird, Sister

My sister turns 33 today. I love palindrome birthdays. It is rumored that in the years leading up to this birthday, my sister vowed to wear a Larry Bird jersey every day this entire 33rd year of life. We'll see if she's a woman of her word.

In honor of this momentous occasion, here are 33 tidbits about my sister.
      1. She is a Libra.
      2. 5 years ago, she was a television commercial and print media star.
      3. She has lived in 6 different countries for varying lengths of time.
      4. She was in labor for 24 hours. It ended with a c-section and a healthy baby boy.
      5. She is the least competitive person I know.
      6. She is the best gift giver I know.
      7. She was one of those annoying pregnant women that only gained weight in her basketball belly.
      8. Old people and babies love her.
      9. She is bi-lingual.
      10. She says what's on her mind.
      11. She is a great mom.
      12. She was in AmeriCorps/TeachAmerica.
      13. She was in the Peace Corps.
      14. She has a great sense of direction.
      15. She is creative and thoughtful.
      16. When she was 27, she kicked breast cancer's ass.
      17. She is a snazzy dresser.
      18. She's usually up for anything.
      19. She Beatrice's most favorite person on the planet (she beats out Arthur by a hair.)
      20. She hates baking. Don't ask her to build you a cake.
      21. She ran a 5K this year.
      22. She is Beatrice's godmother.*
      23. She was an elementary school teacher for a couple of years.
      24. She can talk the paint of a wall. You never have to worry about her fitting in at a party.
      25. She was a vegetarian for a couple of years.
      26. She is one of those annoying people that can wear their hair short or long and it looks great (and she can even rock a bald head.)
      27. She was a hippie in college.
      28. She is loud and boisterous.
      29. Beatrice is her namesake (her middle name is Isabel.)
      30. She lived in Phoenix, AZ.
      31. She got married at the Phoenix Room (not in AZ.)
      32. The only sports players she knows by name are Larry Bird and Joey Namath.**
      33. If you have a sister, she's probably a great gal, but sorry, my sister is way better than your's.
              * Well not really because we didn't baptize Bea but if we did go that route, she would totally be our first pick to lead her into a life of Christ should anything, g-d forbid, happen to us.

              ** About 5 years ago, we were on the same team for Trivial Pursuit, playing against Dave and Cory. We landed on the last pie we needed to win the game. When Dave announced it was a sports question, Isabel exclaimed exasperated, "Uggh, the only sports player I know is Joey Namath." Who calls him Joey. Awesome.

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              1. I am such an awful sister for not looking at this earlier,sorry!!! You sistah are the best!!! Thanks so much for all of those kind words and honesly it is you who inspires me to be a better person each and every day!!!!!