Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

I'm not referring to STDs contracted at a Tijuana bachelor party.

I am referencing the fantastic birthday gift I received from my sister and her family. I love food. Even more, I love food that gets delivered to me. Enter Boston Organics. For the next 2 months we'll be getting an organic box o' veggies and fruits every other week. I got my first batch last night. I am so excited to have a fridge full of healthies right now. It's just the kick in the pants I need to get back to sensible eating and cooking.*

As I write this I am dining on plain yogurt with blueberries (from my yard) and bananas (from the box) with a side of grapefruit (from the box.) I added a squeeze of organic agave nectar because I am not that hardcore. A girl needs a lil bit of sweetness in the a.m.

* The timing couldn't be better on this because upon returning from a glutenous vacation, I am feeling like a lump. I'm also reading this book, Such a Pretty Fat. My sister-in-law lent it to me. It's not my favorite book but it's easy reading so whatever. One thing I am gleaning from it is that it's annoying to listen to someone talk about losing weight and exercising but not doing it and making excuses instead. Hmm, maybe this is hitting a little too close to home.


  1. Jules, maybe some day you will get a cantaloupe, and you can try this recipe:

  2. yum, that looks good. keep the recipes or recipe links coming. i'm already out of ideas.