Friday, August 12, 2011

Guess Who's Back... Back again...

I have been so bad with the blogging, I know, I know. Maybe when the colder weather comes back my writer's block will subside. Today, I do have some random musings to share.

This morning I dropped Beatrice off at daycare and our beloved childcare provider pulled me aside to ask me something 'personal.' (Those are the most dreaded words any parent wants to hear.) I think she saw the look of terror on my face and quickly assured me "No, well its not personal like that." But I took that with a grain of salt because we have what you would call a relationship with murky boundaries. She, like me, is Portuguese. And with that comes an unspoken code. We've discussed the following topics just in the last week:
1) My weight. Down to the pound. Yup, she asked for numbers.
2) Cultural affections. She has some firm beliefs on which cultures hug and which don't. There are many assumptions you can make about a culture that doesn't hug. So she tells me...
3) Her reproductive organs. All of them. Which ones were removed and when and how.
4) My reproductive organs. Will I need remove them and when and how.

So anyways, she proceeds to tell me that for the past couple of weeks Beatrice has been talking about her grandmother who only has one leg. Now our provider has met both grandmothers and has noted that they both stand atop 2 healthy legs. I immediately bust out laughing because yes, Beatrice does in fact have a grandmother, though she is technically a great-grandmother, with only one leg. Turns out that Beatrice and her gaggle of little girls have been pretending that they only have one leg. They pretend they are in wheelchairs and they take turns being the one with one leg. I need to get that on video. And because I am a sicko I am most definitely going to teach her that trick where you sit with one leg under your butt and the other hanging down so it looks like you really only have one leg. She's going to blow the minds of her little playmates.

In other news, Theo is walking. I have yet to capture it on video or film because he is still kind of sporadic about it, generally preferring to crawl because he can move more quickly that way. He does this fantastic "come to Jesus" thing where he throws his arms up in the air and looks to the heavens while he ambles forward like a drunken sailor.

While I haven't been doing any blog writing lately, I've been doing some blog stalking. You need to be reading this blog now: Mandajuice. Take a look back through the archives. Its a soap opera just without Cruz or Eden. (Ten points for you if you got my Santa Barbara reference.)

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