Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ma'am I'm Gonna Need to See an I.D.

My family was up in Maine a couple of weeks ago to visit with my aunt and uncle at their lake house. On the way back from our trip to the ice cream parlor, my brother asked my mom to stop at the store so he could grab some beer. I went in with him so I could get some ice and my aunt came in too. My brother grabs the beer, puts it on the counter, then slickly hands me a $20 and tells me to buy it because he left his wallet and I.D. at the house. I shake my head because I don't have my I.D. either. He then whispers to my aunt, "Auntie, can you buy this, we left our I.D.s at home. " She replies, "I don't have my I.D. either." We all start laughing, including the sales clerk who has been watching this entire episode. My aunt has a full head of silver hair and is in her late 60s. She was dead serious. That's only the second time she's ever bought beer but if you ask her to get you an eight ball she's all over the correct processes and procedures.

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