Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

I have kind of been sucking at blogging lately. Sorry to the three readers I have left. I haven't really been taking many photos either. Photos are usually the spark for my blog posts. I need to get better about that. In fact, this past weekend, I told myself to keep the camera handy but I think I only snapped 2 photos! Before we had Theo, I could hand Beatrice off to Cory while I clicked away but now we are engaged in man-to-man defense so there are no free hands for the camera. Especially when you have a child that crawls at the speed of light and a daughter who has now decided she doesn't like to have her picture taken.

In other news, we had a great Memorial Day weekend. We went to the Farmer's Market, planted our garden, moved a monstrous wood pile, took a short day trip to Portsmouth (albeit cut short by a feverish Theo), did some errands, ate some oysters and steamers, and enjoyed some well earned beers. Wouldn't it be nice if I had some photos to illustrate these events. I suck. Remember the old days (Memorial Day 2010 Wrap-Up & Memorial Day 2009 Wrap-Up)?

I am not going to do any meal planning this week because I want to eat what we have in the freezer and fridge. Have I mentioned I don't really like leftovers. Its not going to be my favorite dining week but that's alright because Friday night we're going out to dinner to celebrate my brother in law's graduation. I think we're going to Tres Gatos. My mouth is watering.

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