Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ain't No Party...

Beatrice's latest obsession involves unicorns, not uncommon for little girls of her age. She is also obsessed with birthday parties. Her biggest comeback if you do something that upsets her is "You can't come to my birthday party." Let's review--- her birthday is February 24th.

The dishwasher wasn't even loaded after her 3rd birthday party before she starting planning her 4th. The girl is OBSESSED. First she wanted a Bubberfly (Butterfly) party. She jumped right into planning, having me cut out paper butterflies so that we could hang them from the ceiling. About a week later the plan changed to a Pinkalicious party. Then it became a Tea Party. Then it was a Unicorn party, then a combo Unicorn Tea Party. Last week she informed me that she would be having 3 birthday parties. One would be a a Princess Leia party (I think a direct result of Theo having a Star Wars party in a couple of weeks-- she will not be out shined.) One would be a Pinkalicious Tea party and the final would be a Unicorn party. She already had her grandmother help her with the Tea Party invitations.

She is so my daughter, getting such a thrill from party planning, organizing, and a good theme. I have created a monster. I have never been so proud.

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