Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day 2010 Recap

I hope you all enjoyed the lovely New England weather this past past weekend (or the weather wherever you are- shout out to my readers in Hong Kong.) Remind me about this beautiful spring we've had when we're knee deep in snow and slush next winter. So we started the weekend with no set plans but soon made quick work of filling our calendar.

Friday afternoon, we went for an early dinner at our favorite local bar/restaurant, John Stone's. They have a really nice outdoor area and good beer (so I've heard.) Beatrice ate her standard dinner of 'chench chies' (french fries.)

Saturday we did some yard work then headed into Boston to take a boat to Spectacle Island in Boston Harbor. We packed a picnic lunch and our beach blanket. It was a great way to spend the day. The boat ride was about 40 minutes, then we walked along the trails on the island, and watched the boats go by. We were running a little late when we first got into Boston so Cory said to me in all seriousness, "Jul, we need to hustle" to which I stood there, dumbfounded. What about this stature makes you think "hustle" is at all in the realm of possibility? I did manage to get my hustle (waddle) on and we caught the 1:00 boat. People were giving me that kind of pained, you-belong-in-a-hospital look all day.

Sunday we met Cory's sister and family at Singing Beach, in Manchester-by-the-Sea. The air temp was 85 and the water was 51. I wasn't scared of a little cold water though, I dunked right in. When you're carrying around 30ish extra lbs. a refreshing cool off is much welcomed. After the beach, we had Cory's brother and family and mom and grandmother over for an impromptu cookout. It was nice to have some relaxed family time.

Monday we went out to breakfast (can you tell I'm trying to get in as much uninhibited eating before this 2 weeks is up), then came home and did some more yard work. Have I mentioned how patient my husband has been with all this 'nesting' nonsense. After a mild suggestion of 'that area would look so much nicer if it was raked and mulched', he humored me and got to hacking away at year's of vines, leaves, and debris. After about an hour of work, our super-neighbor, Bob, came over and casually mentioned how it was good that we were mulching and setting aside that area so that people wouldn't go near the tree and touch the poison oak vines. Doh- poison oak.... you mean the stuff that I thought was a pretty ivy? We totally both touched it all morning. We immediately washed up with alcohol and prayed for the best. Cory is all calamined as we speak. So far no signs of an allergic reaction for me. I am really hoping I dodge this bullet because really there is nothing hotter than rashy, swolled up pregnant woman.

After spreading poison ivy all over our bodies, we headed to my mom's pool. Oh but not before I removed 2 ticks from Beatrice. It was my first tick experience. When I was recounting it to my brother later in the day, he goes "Ya, ticks aren't that big a deal. It's not like it was one of those tiny, little Lyme Disease ticks." Well, actually they were definitely two of those pin-prick little black ticks. That's the price you pay for living in the woods, I guess. I was able to pull them out whole without Beatrice really noticing, thank goodness. I need to get one of those miner's lamps that dermatologists use. The Chase household will now be undergoing full body naked tick checks every night before bed. That's hot. So the day at the pool was glorious. I was feeling pretty lucky to already dip in the pool before June. I don't think I even went swimming by mid-July last year, the weather was so shitty. I hope the rest of the summer stays as nice and hot as this spring. We ended the weekend by watching A Serious Man. Odd movie, definitely what you'd expect from the Coen Brothers.

On a related note, this baby is getting ready to evacuate my body. At the risk of sounding like Teresa, a la NJ Housewives, "I got pains." I still think I'll go right up until 6/16 but I am definitely feeling more labor-achy earlier this time than last. We shall see what these next weeks hold.

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