Friday, April 8, 2011

Ashes to Ashes

My brother's hijinks have been well documented on this blog. For all of his flaws (he's got a few but who doesn't) he's worth his weight in gold for his storytelling skills. Someone really has to write a book or sitcom about this guy.

The other night he told us about this new tattoo he's getting. A little background first: over the summer, he spent some time in California staying with an old friend. About a month after he returned home, this friend died in a motorcycle accident. To memorialize him, my brother is getting a tattoo. (For the record, my brother is a very respectful young man. He was sure to get clear this by his friend's family and to talk directly to his mom to make sure she was comfortable with this.)

So evidently there's this tattoo technique where you can put cremation ashes (trace amounts) into the ink. I've never heard of this but admitedly my time in tattoo parlors is limited. I am not really into tattoos (shocker!) although I think this is actually quite nice.

My brother told us about the process of going to get the ashes from his friend's family. Highlights include how to open the container holding the ashes (trying to avoid the whole 'poof' situation), where to put his small portion of the ashes (a Ziploc bag just doesn't seem appropriate), and finally the best comment from his deceased friends' brother on the whole tattooing/ashes thing: "Bet you never thought you'd have a black man in you." Only my brother...

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