Thursday, November 11, 2010

True Confessions

I listen to really bad music when I'm at the gym. Like shamefully bad music. The likes of Katy Perry, Ke$ha (I just threw up in my mouth typing the dollar sign), Usher, Nelly, etc. To put it in perspective my Pandora Playlist is Today's Hits Radio. I can't help it. I've tried other playlists, songs from Cory's collection, but I keep coming back to this guilty pleasure.

So what if I've thrown an involuntary fist pump while upping the speed on the treadmill, blasting Bruno Mars' Grenade. Did you know that if you were his boo, he would do the following for you:

I'd catch a grenade for ya.
Throw my hand on the blade for ya,
I'd jump in front of a train for ya.
You know I’d do anything for ya.
See I would go through all this pain
Take a bullet straight through my brain.
Yes I would die for ya baby.

That's love.

You can judge my music all you want but I dare you to not pick up your pace when you hear the opening cords to Gaga's, Alejandro.*

*Speaking of which, I need to get my hands on the cell phone video my brother took of all of us busting out to this song at my cousin's wedding. My brother, Alejandro, basically has a choreographed routine he does to this song since EVERYONE requests it every time he is out. If you know him, you know his dance card always has room for one more.

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