Friday, August 17, 2012

Say Cheese

I have been wanting to get family photos taken ever since Beatrice was born. To say Cory has been adamantly opposed might be a slight understatement. I strategized for years on how to get him to agree and finally came upon a solution. I guilted him (and the rest of the family) into doing it for my mom's upcoming 60th birthday. After much coordination, we finally settled on a date that worked. We figured out the color scheme (you know I'm anal like that) and I waited for this special daty. It finally arrived and it was hotter than hell. Humid as a mo-fo, hazy, crotch rot hot. Disgusting. If you know me, you know I sweat like a fat kid. LikeA LOT.

The whole family showed up to the designated outdoor location. All plans for pretty hairdo's were out the window. The photographer (shout out to Joe of JGD Design and Photgraphy!) was very patient and pleasant and seemingly unperturbed by the 99 degree weather and ridonculous humidity.  The whole shoot lasted all of 40 minutes. There was time for more pictures but most of us had sweat through our clothes. Literally sweat stained all over. Thank god for PhotoShop.  Here are some of the best shots of the day.

A couple of my favorite quotes from the day:
Joe, the Photographer: "Can you just reach over and get that sweat towel out of the shot?" (My brothers, former fat kids, were smart enough to bring sweat rags to wipe down between shots.)

Me to my brother: "Let me grab that sweat towel."
Brother: "Ah, I don't really know if you should use that."
Me, grabbing the towel, and mopping my entire chesticle area: "I don't care that it has your sweat on it."
Brother: "I kind of meant I don't want your sweat on it. Especially not your  boob sweat."
Me: "Oh."
Brother: "That towel's yours now."

Fun times with the whole family. Hopefully the next shoot will be a little cooler.

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