Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Do'Ins

Heyyyyahhhh. I've missed this blog. I don't miss the guilt I feel when I don't post but I do miss the creative outlet. So why would I feel guilt when I didn't post? I don't know, I blame the Catholic upbringing and Middle-Child Syndrome. Anyways, hope your summers are going fabulously. Our's is going great. Too fast but that is the cliche that holds true every summer. In typical lazy blogger fashion, I will bullet point the major bits of this summer.
  • We celebrated Theo's 2nd Birthday. Not to be outdone by his 1st year's Star Wars theme, we went retro with it and hosted a Troll Party. A good time was had by all. To wax nostalgic for a bit, I can't believe my little monkey is already 2. Every day he changes and grows into a little man. My Theo is full of smiles, giggles, and is just a nice boy.  He's funny, charming, adventurous, and afraid of bunnies, ants, and all animals. Hopefully he'll outgrow the latter but for now his little "bunny, ow-y, bunny, ow-y" is too damn cute. He is a fierce protector of his sister, recently standing between her and her cousin and declaring "Stop it" then offering a slight push to the 'agressor' to show that all 2 foot nuthin' of him meant business. He loves eggs, chicken (but not chicken nuggets-- keep that breading to yourself), and lemonade. He will fight you if you turn off Wizard of Oz.  I am fully aware of the irony in that last sentence. 
  • We are having a great time with the Farmers Market. If I was a stand up blogger, I would have posted a summary of our first week and our weekly progress. I've been blogging the highlights on the AFM website.  I've been keeping it G-rated over there. How I miss the sexual innuendo and F-word. I would say that the community has embraced us. This past Saturday marked our 10 week, midpoint. By all accounts this has been a success (so far.) We ride our bikes down to the town center each Saturday morning, hang out with our neighbors and friends, and do our week's shopping. There's activities for the kids and music each week. Its been a lot of working getting it up and running but well worth it when I hear Beatrice ask "Why can't we have the farmers market every day?" or when we drive past the location on off- days and Theo yells out the window "Fah-ma's Mukkettt" (Did I mention he has a sick Boston accent. I blame the father.)
  • We spent a lovely week in Wellfleet with the whole family. We survived in one house full of family and had a great time to boot. The house came with a hula hoop and ping pong table. Being from the world's most competitive family, there were many competitions throughout the week. Shockingly, my mom took home the hula hoop contest with my brother-in-law in close second. There may or may not have been a choreographed hooping event involving my mom, aunt, beach ball, and juggling pins. All in all, the week was quite relaxing. There is something about that Cape air that just puts you in vacation mode. And the booze and drugs help too. 

Here's to rounding out the summer on a high note. What have you been up to?

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  1. I missed you this summer. Hope you continue to write!