Monday, January 9, 2012

The Monthly Give- January 2012

It's a new year. Let's start it off in the spirit of giving. If you have kids, I'm sure your play areas are overflowing with Christmas/Hanukkah presents. My goal is to take this weekend to clean out the playroom and put aside the toys the kids no longer use. I will make a donation to the Vets or Big Brothers Association. They make it very easy to donate. You just set up a time and leave the items in your driveway for pickup.

Of course I would recommend doing the clean out once your kids are already asleep. I made the mistake of trying to do this when Beatrice was around and she gave me a tongue lashing for trying to throw away her 1-legged Aaron Carter doll.

Also, while reading Hip2Save, I found information about Inspiration Through Art's 2012 Valentine Card Drive. I think this would be a great thing to do with Beatrice.

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