Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Neither Here Nor There

This is a random smattering of what's going on in my head right now. In true lazy blogger form, I present to you my bulleted list.

  • Why oh why does Kyle Richards of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills think its OK to wear those god damn hair clips with her hair half up? (After scouring the Internet for 20 minutes I have given up my search for a photo if her with this heinous look.) You all know the hair clip of which I speak... the one you throw in your hair as you run out the door to do errands or you use to to keep your hair out of your face while you brush your teeth. I'll even allow you the smaller version but c'mon girl, lose the big ass clip.

  • There are some CrossFit exercises that scare the shit out of me, such as the Rope Climb and Handstand Push Up. I can't even imagine my body being able to do those things. I am genetically predisposed to squatting and lifting heavy things. My people were a working in fields not climbing trees and shit. I can bang out a mean weighted squat but this getting my body off the ground....not so much. Once I get through the Foundations course, I am going to set some realistic CrossFit goals.

  • Eating clean (er) has been going OK. I totally had full body reactions to cutting out the sugar and carbs (lethargy, headaches, irritability... similar to the DTs.) The carbs I can handle. I am not a big at-home pasta and bread eater but the sugar, I like me some sugar. I cheated on Saturday night with wine and pizza, chips, and cookies and I felt like shit the next day. I know that I will never be so strict that I keep to this way of life 100%. I am just hoping to learn how to treat special occasions as such and not think I deserve a food treat on a random Tuesday night. Or better yet not treat food like a treat but find other 'rewards' instead. I like the saying "Don't treat yourself with food. You are not a dog."

  • Beatrice has been going to bed without a Pull-Up for the last 3 nights. I know we waited way long on this. She's been potty trained for over a year and a half but every morning she would wake up with a drenched Pull-Up. Recently she decided that she was a big girl and would no longer rock the Pull-Ups. I was hesitant to support this idea because of my hatred for changing beds. I don't know why I hate that task so much but it angers me but so far no sheets have been soiled in this experiment. She wakes up every night around 2 or 3 for a pee break. There is something so adorable about her little feet going pitter patter down the hallway in the we hours of the morning. She grins ear to ear when she comes into our room chanting, "Dry undies" (and she does this while grabbing her crotch in such a charming way.) She is so dang proud of herself (as am I). I heard her playing with Theo yesterday and he made one of his 3 man grunt noises "Ma" which she construed as him calling her "Mama." She replied "OK, Theo, you can call me Mama. I wear underpants to bed now." I wish I knew 4 years ago that all it took to earn Mama status was toss on a pair of knickers.

  • We started watching the first season of Downton Abbey last night. Actually Cory fell asleep about 20 minutes into it but I hung in there. It's not going to be for everyone but I'm enjoying it thus far. Gawker has been doing pieces about it for a while if you want a primer. And I will have you know that every time I read a writeup of the show, I thought to myself, "I need to check out this Downtown Abbey show everyone is talking about." Yup, been reading it as DOWNTOWN for months. I'd like to tell you that I noticed my mistake as the opening credits were rolling but I'd be lying. It wasn't until the third or fourth time a character said the word, Dowton, that I caught on. Maybe that is a sign that I'm too dumb to watch PBS.

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