Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving ReCap 2011

Ate lots of food. Laughed a lot. Played with the kids. Danced our asses off.

(What? You guys don't have dance parties at your Thanksgiving Celebrations? Maybe it's a Portuguese thing. *)

And now for the more civilized family shot.
Do you like Theo's Bieber circa 2010 hair? Do you know how much blow drying and hairspray that takes.

*Another notable moment, was when my mother launched into a turkey story just as we all stuffed the first bites into our mouths. While prepping the 26 lb turkey for cooking, she reached into the cavity to pull out the innards and thought she got most of it out. She went back in for a final check and found the neck. It was the longest neck bone she's ever seen! It was as long as, and I quote "a giraffe's penis." Who says that!?!

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