Monday, October 24, 2011

Fuck Your Book Club

I've been trying to get myself invited into a book club for years. (Whatever, don't invite me into your club now. It's too late.) Logic would dictate that I should just start my own club but I'm too lazy. And I'd probably be too lazy to read the whole book. And if I'm being honest here, I don't really think anyone would want to be in my book club. Lest we forget, I was an English Major. That annoying kind that thrived on discussing literature and metaphor and allusions. Clearly this is still my passion.

So I came across this post last week on A Cup of Jo. I love her "articles club" idea!

love me some magazines- they are such a manageable commitment and I am all about managing expectations here. We currently have Vanity Fair, GQ, Travel & Leisure, sitting atop our fridge. I don't know why the top of the fridge is the defacto magazine holding area.

Check out the comments in that post for some more article suggestions. Have you read any good articles lately?


  1. i have been subscribing to esquire literally since we came home from columbia (after the then-publisher spoke to us) and i am forever enamored of the articles therein.

    my favorites over the past few years: and then the followup:

    and this one from GQ:

  2. i am sorry those aren't clickable links!

  3. this one too (GET A TISSUE):

    and this one (not really a dog story, more of a framework, per se, since I know you aren't an animal person):

    and this one (which is more of a dog story, kind of, but still moving and i think this woman is a great writer):

    OK i will stop now!