Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chelsea Come Lately

See how I did that little pun with the post title. Could it be that I am getting my blog mojo back?

So I know I am late to the game, but I just discovered the literature of a Miss Chelsea Handler.

Before I left for vacation, my gym partner, Sue, lent me all of her books. (See list to the right for links.) The night before we left, Cory and I were packing our suitcases, trying our best to stay under the checked baggage weight limit. We started moving things out of the suitcase into his backpack. I had 5 hard cover books to bring but was quickly rationed down to 2. Cory chastised me endlessly for wanting to bring Chelsea Handler books. Because he's so high-brow you know. He doesn't have a literary leg to stand on considering he just added these nuggets to our bookshelf:

Day 3 of vacation, I had plowed through my allotted 2 texts. I refused to hit up the romance novels at the villa, so I was left bookless. Every day or so I would whimper, "Sure wish I had a Chelsea Handler book to read right now."

When we got home, I made quick work of the collection on my bedstand. She is damn funny, albeit slightly annoying and crass. The crass part doesn't bother me one bit, in fact it draws me closer to her.

I recently discovered that she has a blog. The jury's out on if she actually writes it though. Now that I am a Chelsea Handler aficionado I tend to think not. The tone is slightly different in the blog, kind of someone (an assistant or intern?) trying to write like Chelsea Handler.

I've actually never seen her TV show, Chelsea Lately. Is it funny?

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