Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Weekend Happenings

I have to post something so that the F word isn't the first blog post title you see when you accidentally make it to my page. (Let's be honest, no one comes here on purpose.) I don't think I've ever used a swear word in my post title before but goddammit book clubs really make me mad. There I go again... I have to stop.

So we had a jam packed weekend. Basically everything we did was kid-related. Don't get me wrong, I love my children but having a weekend filled with only kid-centric things like the PTO Pumpkin Fair, Clifford Visits the Library, and the Halloween Lantern Lighting, is somewhat depressing.

Well, I guess we did sneak in some things I like. We hit a couple of yard sales. I scored these boots for $3.

I'm not scared to wear other people's shoes. And actually it turned out that the lady grew up next to our nanny. I'd heard all about her so I know she's good people (and thus I assume she is hygienic.)

We also went to the SOWA Open Market. While those things were fun, they were experienced with kids in tow. If you have kids, you know that feeling of being somewhere public, having to keep one hand on your child, one on your coffee, all the while making sure he/she doesn't break anything/walk into someone/throw a fit in the middle of the walkway.

So enough complaining. These little buggers do make life more fun (and exhausting.)

Oh I just remembered one more notable event this weekend. Before the Lantern Lighting we went to El Oriental de Cuba, a delicious Cuban Restaurant. I got the Seafood Stew which was fantastic. The next morning I open up the Boston Globe to find this story about local restaurants lying about their seafood offerings. I was definitely chomping away on Charles River Catfish.

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