Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Jedi Theo's 1st Birthday

We had Theo's first birthday this past weekend. We did a Star Wars theme because as we know, I am theme-obsessed. It was really fun setting up all the decorations. Cory's mom had saved all of his childhood Star Wars stuff, including a lunch box, trash pail, and bed spread. Our lovely artist friend, Jessica Dunegan, created a one-of-a-kind R2D2 birthday banner. And I had a field day with the puns ("May the Pork Be With You" pulled pork, "Chewbacca Chicken" pulled chicken, Yoda Soda, Jabba Juice, you get the idea...") The best part was watching Theo go to town on his cake. He even managed to get his foot into the action. In true Portuguese fashion, he got a hose down in the kitchen sink right after.

Here's a slideshow of the party:

The impetus for the Star Wars theme came to me a couple of days after Theo was born. Behold Theoda:

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