Monday, April 18, 2011

Massa Making 101

This past weekend we got all pioneer woman. We baked some Massa (Portuguese sweet bread.) Any self respecting Portuguese woman would whip up loaves of this on the regular. Slowly, all of the massa makers are dying off. Once my grandmother died, we would get our massa from various Portuguese markets or other relatives but it was never as good as my grandmother's. And everyone has a different spin on their bread. Some make it softer, drier, more lemony, saltier, sweeter, etc. We've been talking about making our own for years.

So my mother, sister, and mother-in-law gathered to give it a shot this past weekend. My mother, sister and I are not bakers while my mother-in-law definitely is. We made a good team because my mom went off memory and a cryptic recipe from her 85 year old aunt while my mother-in-law provided the break baking know-how.

The end result was near perfect, just as I remember my Vavo making. And hell, how can anything that uses lard, 2 lbs of sugar and 1 lb of butter taste bad?!?

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