Tuesday, March 8, 2011


We took a little mini vacation this weekend. Friday night Cory and I laying around, bemoaning the fact that we had nothing going on so we decided to jump online and book a hotel room for the next night in Portsmouth, NH. I've always joked that we should work for the NH tourism board because we constantly rave about that little city. We go up there whenever we can. This was our first overnight there with the kids.
It was lots of fun. Beatrice was quite excited to be going to a Show 'n Tell (hotel.) I would correct her and then she'd go, "Right, the showtell." We took the kids out to lunch at the Portsmouth Brewery.
Then we went back to the hotel for swimming at the indoor pool. Beatrice loved putting on her new swimsuit and sandals. She rocked her robe, even insisting on wearing down to breakfast the next morning. She was all about the outfit but not really about getting into the pool. She is so one of those old ladies that suns by the pool with the spritz bottle of cool water.
Theo, on the other hand, was a little fish. He loved the water, chattering teeth and all.

Overall we had a lovely time and it was refreshing to get out of town. When we were pulling out of our parking spot, headed home Beatrice exclaimed "This was the best time eber (ever.)"

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