Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Catching Up

As is the case with all of my incoherent posts as of late, this will be another post in bulleted form. I use this blog as a means to capture the little and big moments so I want to be sure to catalog recent events. And as I type this I realize that I don't in fact ever go back and read the archives ... Why the hell am I doing this again?

  • We went to Maine with the family a couple of weeks ago. It was really nice. No family drama for a change and no arguments. Unless you count Beatrice and Julian but they are under the age of 10 so that shouldn't count. We ate lobsters and steamers and corn on the cob. That's what summer is all about. We went to the beach and on boat rides. We took walks, sat by the fire, and laughed. I got to spend quality time with both kids without feeling like an impatient, crazed mother. The Maine air and extra hands defintely calmed me.
  • Last Friday my sister took me on an overnight surprise date to Portsmouth, NH. I should really work for the Portsmouth Tourism Board. I can't say enough about how much I love this little city. Cory and I go every winter but this was my first summer overnight. It was as lovely as ever. We stayed at The Inn at Strawberry Banke, had drinks overlooking the water, had dinner at the Black Trumpet, and some more drinks at the Portsmouth Brewery. We even squeezed in some dancing. I really do have the best sister on the planet.
  • My mom and sister and family gave me this really cool birthday gift. It makes real seltzer water. It's actually a kitchen gadget that you'll use.
  • We are having a yard sale at my mom's house on Saturday. It's been planned for a while and I've been collecting all the crap in my house that we don't use. Come by and get something. Hopefully its not a present you've given me in year's past.


  1. Great post, Jule. Porstmouth sounds like such a great gift! My mom & Deb got the seltzer machine last year - it's awesome! They buy all different flavors for it, too. Great money saver.

  2. does that seltzer-thing come with nitrous?

  3. You bet there's nitrous involved. fun for the whole family.