Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Get Your Advent On

Christmas season is upon us. I feel a little behind but we'll catch up this weekend. I did manage to get the advent calendar done. I feel funny calling it an advent calendar because we aren't really religious but whatever. Today's Christmas activity was Work on Christmas List. Done.

Here are some more activities for this holiday season:

Make and mail Christmas cards
Put up wreaths & lights
Buy tree
Decorate tree
Listen to Christmas music
Watch Christmas movie
Go on Christmas lunch and movie date
Go to Zoo to see Christmas lites
Go on Christmas light drive (bring cocoa and cookies)
Make cookies for cookie party
Wrap gifts
Drink cocoa by the fire
Have crepe breakfast and listen to Christmas music
Collect change for Salvation Army kettle
Finish online shopping
Do mall shopping
Buy holiday helper gifts
Celebrate Christmas Eve with friends and family

For more details on making your own, check out last year's post. What are some activities you do every year to get ready for Christmas?

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