Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our Destiny

I was reading my favorite St. John blog this morning and came across this story about a couple opening a taqueria on the island. I sent the link to Cory and my sister. Cory has always talked about how the island needs a cheap taco place and how it would be awesome to open one. This news, coupled with last week's story about the new consignment shop, has me thinking. As my sister aptly put it, "Wow looks like the island is just calling you two. If you learned anything from Jack Shepard [from Lost] you should know not to deny your destiny."

If I go back to the site tomorrow and there's a post about job openings for mailmen or florists,* we are so on the next ferry to St. John.

*Cory's dream job and my dream job. Don't ask...


  1. so who wants to be the mailman, and who wants to be the florist?

  2. Cara- one of the best comments to date. Love it.