Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Where'd My Baby Go?

We started rice cereal with Theo this past weekend. With Beatrice, I kind of always felt OK about whatever stage we were in. With Theo, it's a little different. He will be our last child so all of the first's we are going through now are also the last's. Kind of bittersweet.
So we jumped into solids on Saturday. Beatrice was very much into helping out (of course.) She gave him his inaugural first bite. I love how she's such a little mama. Check out how her mouth is open, mimicking his open mouth.

He's not so sure about this mush.

Beatrice, my well-mannered little lady, could not handle the mess he was making. Check out her look of disgust as she wipes him down.

After our first food experience, I started making some more food for Baby Theo. It was nice to spend the chilly morning cooking, drinking coffee, and staying in our pajamas. I love late fall weekend mornings. When we sat down for pancakes, Beatrice said "I love my family." Heart commence melting.

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