Tuesday, November 2, 2010

UPDATE: Halloween 2010 ReCap

My family loves Halloween. It was my grandmother's birthday too so we all have a special place in our hearts for this day. We had a family fiesta to celebrate All Hallows Eve. We were the Rubbles and the Flintstones this year.

Some great costumes came through the door. Most notably was Darth Spader, Some White Trash Guy in Shorty Shorts, and even Santa!

Beatrice was a little put off by Santa's unannounced arrival. I think she was nervous that her name was still on the Naughty List. We aren't scared to start threatening with the Naughty List come October 1st. Never too early.

We took the kids out for treats at night. Beatrice was a bit timid. I don't blame her. The whole trick-or-treating thing is an odd concept. I think she'll be more into it next year.

My favorite memory of Halloween 2010 will be how the night came to a close. After going to a couple of houses in the old neighborhood, we came back home. I was getting Theo into his crib, Cory was putting out the trash, and Beatrice was checking out her loot. She called up to me to ask if she could eat her lollipop. I told her that she could have it after dinner. Then I heard Cory come in from putting out the trash and call out for Beatrice. No response. I came downstairs and checked the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom... no Beatrice. I came back into the family room to find her laying behind the couch, crouched down, as if to hide or pretend she was sleeping. Peeking out from beneath her head of curls was a lollipop wrapper. The little devil was clandestinely eating her lollipop like a little sneak. And oh ya, she pissed her pants while doing it. The mere thought of getting caught while breaking the rules led her to pee herself. Strong fear and respect for authority... she is so my daughter.

More photos here.

UPDATE: Here is the photo of my little one 'hiding' while eating her lollipop.

And for the record, she is wearing her skunk costume for the 3rd year in a row. In her parent's defense, it was the only costume that she had that was warm enough.

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