Friday, September 17, 2010

5 Year Anniversary: 2 Ways

Here's the serious post (well mostly serious, I can't resist a little humor.)

Dear Husband,
Marrying you 5 years ago was the best decision I ever made. Actually I take that back. Getting black out drunk 11 years ago and making out with you was the best "decision" I ever made.
Thank you for giving me my babies and the best life I could have ever imagined.
I'll love you forever.

Here's the fun post:
On our 3rd wedding anniversary, Cory and I had a bit of a communication breakdown. Prior to the day, we had a discussion about gift giving. This much we can both agree on. The outcome of the conversation is still hotly debated. My recollection of the decision was that we'd exchange small gifts. My husband's recollection was that we would forgo gifts in lieu of a nice dinner. Things got awkward after dinner when I rolled out the wrapped presents. Fast forward to yesterday when I received an email from my beloved "In order to avoid the snafu of 2 years ago - I want to confirm what was decided about anniversary gifts this year?" Then there was a crass joke made about wood (the traditional gift for the 5 year anniversary.) Here's to at least 5 more years of wooded, I mean wedded bliss.

St. John: 1 year before we were married

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  1. Cute! Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the confirmed gifts.