Thursday, August 5, 2010

Brain Dump

I can't promise a non-rambling post today. Lots to do and lots swirling about in my head.

  1. Please tell me you are watching this season of Teen Mom. If you aren't, DVR that shit right now. I have stored the following lines for future use (these are from my favorite half of TV's greatest pair, Amber and Gary): "I need some Gary Time" & "You just ruined my V-day." Oh Gary, you sloppy, dopey Teen Dad. Amber, on the other, having dropped a couple of lbs., is lookin' good (well for her anyways.)

  2. You know you are sleep deprived and you watch too many cartoons when you start wishing you were more like Ruby from Nickelodeon's Max & Ruby. She's so patient with her impish little brother Max. She never raises her voice or says "wait until your father gets home. Speaking of which, where are Max and Ruby's mother and father?

  3. This morning I put Theo in the center of my bed while I brushed my teeth. I put him on his back because when I put him on his belly, he can roll to his back and kind of scurry like a crab. When I came back in the room, Beatrice was up on the bed next to him and he was on his belly. I asked her if she rolled him to his belly and she said no. Has my 7 week old mastered the belly to back roll and the back to belly roll? I need to keep an eye on this mover and shaker.

  4. I picked Beatrice up at Miss Maria's the other day. Miss Maria told me that she painted Bea's nails in the morning. Later on in the day when it was time to clean up, Beatrice told her that she couldn't clean up because her nails were drying. Chores in about 5 years should be fun in this house. Reminds me of my youngest brother who after dinner used to run to the bathroom and pretend to take a dump when it was his turn to clear the dishes. I think he could dump on command.

  5. Why have I pretty much broken in to a full sweat when its only 9:30am and the air conditioning is on? I need to get on Amber's program.

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