Friday, June 4, 2010

To My Lovely Beatrice

My lovely Beatrice, things around here have been quite hectic. You've been a trooper, patiently waiting for Mommy and Daddy to play with you in between getting things ready for your new brother or sister. Mostly you've been allowed to watch more cartoons than usual and you're not complaining about it. I hope to continue these posts to you (or about you) once your brother or sister is here. I am going to try my best to keep these tributes to you going, so when you see Mama on the computer (or 'puter as you call it,) feel free to grab a rattle and entertain your brother or sister while I try and string 2 coherent sentences together.

You've grown so much in the past couple of months. You are talking up a storm and providing many laughable moments. Last month, your Daddy and I were in the kitchen, tying a piece of pork and banana leaves with twine. You dragged your stool over to see what all the kitchen counter excitement was about. You kept saying that you couldn't see, you needed a 'telescope.' Then you reached for the long tube of twine and held it up to your eye, just like a telescope, proclaiming triumphantly, "All better, I see now." You are a smart little one.

The other night when I was sitting next to you, you reached over, threw your arm around my shoulder and exclaimed "You my best send ('friend'... you're still having trouble with the 'f's.) You melt my heart on a daily basis.

Earlier this week, while chatting in the car, I asked you, "Did you nap today for Miss Bah?" (She had already told me that you fussed for an hour before she went in to get you.) You stated matter-of- factly "Miss Bah take me out of my bed." So it was clearly her fault... interesting 2 year old logic.

Yesterday when I picked you up from Miss Maria's, you could barely wait until I made it up the stairs to show me your hands. Miss Maria (or 'Mia' as you call her) had painted your nails. For some reason you keep saying she 'pierced' your nails. You keep looking at your little pink fingernails and rubbing them. You are such a little girl.

I am so excited to see what a great big sister you will grow into. You have been so nice to Mama lately, rubbing my belly, talking to the baby, and putting your old toys and books in the baby's crib. Please remember that you will always be my first baby girl, the one who showed me how to truly love unconditionally and how to truly be a mama. I love you, precious girl.

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