Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hello, Hello... Are You Still There???

I have to get a better handle on how to post now that my office has blocked blog sites. Ugh, the horror. I have tried to connect through different networks but that hasn't worked. They are so on to me. So posting will probably be a bit more infrequent, unless I plan ahead the night before and write the post from home. But seeing as how I am in bed these days by 8:30, I don't know if this is an attainable reality.

On Sunday, I celebrated my last Mother's Day as a mama of one. I wish I had a photo to post but in an uncharacteristic fashion I didn't take any. The day started off with Beatrice coming into our room, telling me that there were presents and bagels. 2 year olds don't really appreciate the element of surprise. Cory quickly whisked her into the car for a bagel run so that I could sleep. I got to sleep in, uninterrupted until 8:00. When they returned, Bea ran into my room again, "Mommy, presents, bagels, and sowers (her word for flowers, still having trouble with the f's.) Then Cory blew my mind with breakfast in bed (which he thinks is disgusting but I think is heaven on earth... eating and being in bed. Who could ask for more?) Beatrice shared my love for the event and has asked for breakfast in bed every morning since. After a leisurely breakfast I opened my assortment of wonderful presents. One of the gifts was this book, Little Bee. I laughed aloud because I got a notice last week that its on hold for at the library. I've never mentioned that I wanted to read this particular book but Cory just knew. And the title was certainly fitting. He also got me a coffee grinder.*

After breakfast and flowers and presents, we sprung into action, cooking and cleaning in anticipation of our family coming over for dinner. Cory made a delicious Yucatan pork that cooked for 6 hours wrapped in banana leaves. The recipe we used was from a cookbook but this one is similar.

It's funny to think that by next month's Father's Day we'll have 2 kids. I can't wait to meet this little one. We had another ultrasound last week and this baby's profile (from what we could discern in the fuzzy image) is totally different than Beatrice's at that gestational age (save for the pronounced Cory chin.) For some reason, I've been imagining giving birth to the same baby I did 2 years ago. We shall see, only another 5 weeks to go.
*We have a coffee pot that has a grinder built into it but it doesn't really grind so well anymore. On Saturday, we were checking out at Trader Joe's and the cashier rang our canisters of coffee and questioned us "You have a coffee grinder at home, I assume. If not you can grind it here." Every time we've bought coffee at Trader Joe's we grind it there. Sometimes it's annoying because you need to wait in line. I shot Cory a "what the f, why didn't you grind the coffee look" then proceeded to berate him the whole way home about not griding the coffee. I may have called him an idiot. Hilarity ensued once I opened the coffee grinder the next morning. He's a patient man.

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    You should see if that site is blocked. If not, use that to access your home PC (it has to be on). It was the best.

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