Monday, May 17, 2010

Meal Planning

Monday- Dinner at my sister's
Tuesday- Shakshuka (I didn't end up making it last time)
Wednesday- Cory has basketball so I'll have leftovers
Thursday- The Farmer's Market in Copley Sq. starts up this week so I'll grab some vegetables for a hearty salad. We also have some bread in the freezer that I'll make into croutons.
Friday- Salmon and veggies. Despite my best intentions, I cannot stick to fish 1x week.

I probably need to start thinking of some things to cook and freeze in preparation for the baby coming and cooking slowing down. Any ideas?

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  1. what happened to your usual mon nite date with nannie? As for easy meals that freeze well. We are a pasta family, so I've been on a pasta salad kick with feta and Fanny's light Italian. All veggie version, John claims its not bad out of the freezer...