Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Do You Feather Your Nest

Everyone has different comfort measures they take in preparing their beds for slumber. I like to have my 2 pillows propped at a bit of an angle. I like the top sheet tucked at the bottom (this drives Cory crazy.) I don't like to wear socks. Nothing too crazy.

What do you do to prepare your nest for snoozing?

Do you pile things atop your body? Do you form suffocation barriers with stuffed animals? Before you all report me to the authorities, that item on top of Bea is the changing pad cushion that she pulls into the crib at night. I've started putting it on the floor before putting her to sleep.

Evidently my girl likes to sleep in a cocoon. There's probably some deep rooted meaning in that...probably something that can be blamed on the mother.


  1. We get blamed for everything! My favorite is that she throws Smurfette out of the crib nightly. She must have really pissed Bea off!

  2. Beatrice and Smurfette have made up over the past few weeks. Now Swiper (Dora's naughty sidekick) gets the boot every night. As reported, he is a 'pusher' too.

  3. Maybe y'all should give her a blanket. My baby girl is cold!