Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Wrap Up

We couldn't have asked for better weather on Easter. It was glorious! The kids were into the egg hunt though they were more into what was inside each egg they found. I remember being a kid and rushing to get the most eggs. I would check the eggs once I had my stash. Not these two. They'd come upon an egg, grab it, then open it up. If it had goodies in it, they'd patiently eat every last cracker, cheerio, or jellybean. If not, they'd throw it back on the ground and move on.

When we were pulling out of my mom's driveway, Beatrice yelled out the window to my mother, "Thanks for the cake." Then when Cory was putting her to bed, the last words she said to him were, "Eggs, golshish (her word for goldfish crackers), eatin', yummy." The girl likes her food. I wonder where she gets that from...


  1. Julian looks just like his Dad.

    looks like the Perez's had a Swedish-themed Easter.

  2. We totally represented the Swedes. We even went to Ikea after Easter lunch for 1/2 priced Swedish Meatballs.