Monday, March 22, 2010

Meal Planning

Last week's planning went well. It was nice to get back to cooking and not having to scrounge for something at 7pm.

I have some fennel left over from last week's salad. Have you ever had fennel bulb? It has an anise flavor but it's not overpowering at all. It's crisp and flavorful. I am going to try it cooked this week since we had it raw last week. I am also going to try and make a new salad (and dressing) each week.

Monday- Nanny's
Tuesday- Bowties with Fennel and Leeks (a variation of this recipe)
Wednesday- Cory will be at basketball. I was at my mom's this past weekend and she sent me home with steamed artichokes. No matter how many times I try to make these, they are never as good as her's. I am looking forward to them!
Thursday- Portuguese Kale Soup and Portuguese rolls*
Friday- An ode to the end of winter: Winter Panzanella Salad **

* I have enough Portuguese rolls to last me through next year. My mother-in-law's boyfriend is the bread master. He brings bread (like 5 loaves, no matter how many people are attending) to every get together and has now made it a habit to bring me a dozen Portuguese rolls, you know because I'm Portuguese. I am not complaining. They are from a really good bakery that would make my grandmother proud.

**I'll cook the onions (raw onions give me heartburn), add some arugula, replace the gray salt with kosher salt, and maybe replace the squash with white sweet potatoes. (Have you had those? I like them much better than regular sweet potatoes-- not as sweet and a bit firmer.)

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