Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Buns of Steel

I went to the doctor yesterday about this tailbone thing. He is hoping it isn't my coccyx because they can't really do anything about that. He's thinking I strained my sacral ligament. He asked me to get on the table so that he could try a couple of things. I immediately panicked because for some reason I thought he'd need me to take off my pants and I couldn't remember what underpants I was wearing and I knew I hadn't shaved my legs. Why does my mind work like this? Luckily he did not request a pants removal...perhaps he could see the fear in my eyes.

So he started manipulating and moving body parts. Again I was reminded how I can't wait to have my body back. Not that I don't love being pregnant but everything feels swollen and bulky. He tried to find the source of the pain by basically kneading my ass, for lack of a better phrase. This process was slightly humiliating, not to mention really painful.

After he finished kneading the dough, he rolled me into a ball of sorts and adjusted me. It bordered on an assault. But once I stood up, I was like a new woman. I've never had back PT or chirpractic work. That shit is amazing. And the goal is that the loosened feeling lasts, which it did for about 1 hour, but then back to the same pain (although a bit reduced.)

I go back tomorrow and hopefully he can re-create the relief but with longer results. In the meantime I am doing mad squats to get my ass rock hard.

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  1. Glad you got some relief, even if it was short lived. And I agree, unshaved legs at a dr appt always makes me worry.