Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How to Blow Your 1 & 1/2 Year Old's Mind

On Sunday, we took the little lady to the Boston Children's Museum . If you've never been, it's worth it. There's tons to do for the little ones and it's really clean and well organized. Shortly after getting to the museum we wandered up to the Arthur and Friends exhibit.

As we rounded the corner, Beatrice let out a gasp upon spotting the figurines of Arthur and the rest of the crew. She posed next to the mural of the Reed clan for about 10 minutes, even kissing the dog, Pal. She was out of her mind bonkers.

She pretended to eat in the Reed kitchen, sat at Arthur's desk in the classroom, played in the tent in the outdoor scene, and starred in her own episode of Arthur. She was pretty jazzed. We had a great time too. There's nothing better than seeing something for the first time through a child's eyes.

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  1. Oh my GOSH!!! She is absolutely beautiful! I LOVE the pictures especially the ones with Arthur! Your right nothing is better than seeing it through a child's eyes. I can't wait to take the girls there!!!