Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who's Your Mama?

Beatrice, the other night at Vavo's house, at Julian's birthday pizza party, I played a little game with you. I asked you to wave to Auntie. Without missing a beat, you looked at Auntie and waved. Next you followed my command and waved to Uncle Dave. We did this for everyone at the table.

Then we got down to me. Daddy said "Wave to Mama." You looked around, perplexed, as if he had just asked you the square root of 639. You searched the table high and low. Then Vavo asked you to wave to Mama. Again the look of complete bewilderment. We all held back our laughter, thinking you just needed some more time. Oh no, after mutliple requests (begging) you sitll did not wave to mama.

Have we met?

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