Friday, July 17, 2009

Under the Sea

Julian celebrated his first birthday this past weekend, Under the Sea style. It was a full blown oceanic explosion. You know the Perez sisters love a theme and endless hours of crafts and preparation. And our poor husbands and mother know better than to fight it ("Sure, you want real coral. No problem. A live octopus, I'm on it.") My sister (and Dave) did a great job. Here are some of the details.

At the Beach shark fin cupcakes, beach umbrella and sand cupcakes, and fishie cupcakes.

And because my sister is a sicko, one of the cupcakes was Jaws-themed.

Julian seemed to enjoy the cupcake's inside as much as the outside. Do you love his fist method of eating? I've never seen anything like it. He squeezes the life out of his food with his fat little fingers, then eats whatever comes through. It doesn't get much cuter.

Has all this sweetness given you a cavity? Not yet. Maybe you need a trip to the Sand (Candy) Bar?
There were also lots of photo ops. I caught one of the Buteni clan. Isabel bought this photo cutout but it only had the MerMan and MerMaid on it so our ever-talented artist friend, Jessica Dunegan, painted in the MerBaby. No one really liked my SeaMaids and SeaMen joke.
Beatrice didn't quite know what to make of the whole getting your face shoved in a hole thing. (I am resisting the urge to type "That's what she said." Oops, looks like I just did.)

Speaking of photo ops, there was a celebrity sighting... Ariel, a la Little Mermaid. Sorry for distance shot but I was trying to play it cool, all non-Paparazzi.

And of course, its not an ocean themed party without swimming. I spy a couple of porpoises in the water. Dave had those shipped in special.

And you gotta love a hostess that even dresses the part. Note the shells in the hair, shell necklace and earrings. She wrongfully ignored my conch shell bra suggestion.

So I'd say the party went swimmingly (I couldn't resist.)
More pics of all the fun here and here.


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  2. Perez sisters are INSANELY creative. Happy Bday, Julian! How adorable. I can't believe I wasn't there to shove all that candy into my mouth. Oh, and I checked out the Picasa album. I don't know why you didn't post the BEST picture. The one where Cory has the water gun aimed right at Bea's back...with an insane look on his face...classic.

  3. I couldn't post that pic in case department of social services trolls my blog.

  4. I had only seen the birthday dedication post, not the full party review when we talked on the deck. Thanks for the shout out.