Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Just a Quick Note

It has been an adventurous couple of days. On Saturday we had Julian's first birthday (longer post and pics to come.) Sunday and Monday we were in the Cape. The weather was glorious. Finally!

This week will be hectic as we prepare for our vacation week in the Cape. I can't wait. Lots of lists and preparations. I'm not even going to admit to having the grocery list typed out.

I'll turn 30 while we're on vacation. I am ready for it. I will be happy to ring in my 30th year, beer in hand, sitting on a porch, watching the sunset, baby fed, bathed, and asleep, laughing with the people I love around me.


  1. sounds like a great 30th birthday to me!

  2. What a great 30th birthday! Have lots of fun and sending hugs and kisses your way! We love you---Jen, Jon, Emma and Grace :)

  3. Wish I could be there to ring it in with you! Hope you have a fabulous (well deserved) vacation and Birthday! xox