Friday, February 15, 2013


We're plastered. The master bedroom is coming together. Now we really need to start thinking about the finishes. I am on the hunt for 2 cool, vintage old doors for the bathroom and closet. Like the kind you find in old medical or office buildings.

I need to start thinking practically too. Like storage and closet planning. Where do we want shelves, drawers, etc. Time to get to the nuts and bolts.

Also, I found my new favorite show last night on HGTV, West End Salvage. The use old shit to do cool shit. Got me thinking about an accent wall to add texture/depth to the straight lines in the bedroom. Right now it's looking kind of cold/too modern. Obviously the fact that its empty and stark white is contributing to that but I need to think of ways to warm it up. They did a cool accent wall behind a bed with old ceiling tiles. Anyone have some of those laying around in an old barn or basement. Holla at me if you do.

I also need to figure out the paint color for the bathroom and bedroom. We're doing gray tile in the shower with a gray pebble accent, then dark gray on the bathroom floor. So the bathroom color should be bright to offset the dark, right? Same might for the bedroom, right?  Suggestions???

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