Friday, January 18, 2013


We're down to the studs in the hallway bathroom. I like that word. Here are some renovation related words I do not like:
  • Bullnose- that's the curved tile part on the top of shower tile when the tile ends and wall begins. Tile people and contractors drop that word like its nothing. I think it is an ugly image and an ugly word.
  • Lathe- I just did a search in Craigslist for "lathe leg." I felt filthy typing it. It does not roll off the tongue. It's the kind of word you should only say in a whisper. .
  • Freight charges- If you are like me and find the only tile you like but it happens to only be sold in Seattle, WA, the dreaded words 'freight charge' will send shivers down your spine. On a happier note, the tiles just arrived and they are lovely. The delivery guy and I had a nice long chat, complete with me showing him what other tile we're using, what we're doing for a counter, etc. We also discussed playing the lottery and which HGTV shows we like. We are kind of besties now. If you don't hear from me for a while, just look for me en route to Seattle, WA in the passenger seat of an Old Dominion freight truck.

Here we are on Day 2.

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