Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Laying the Ground Work

We've got floor tile. And a new tub. And a tall guy standing on a tub.

Can I just say how much I love technology? Before I left for the office this morning, I talked to Pete and Scott (our wonderful contractors) about how to lay the tile. To make things easier, I told them to just lay it on the vertical and stagger it. Originally I wanted to do a chevron or herringbone but let go of that idea thinking it might be too complicated. Just now I got a message on my phone from them saying they like the chevron best and asking if its OK to proceed. I love when things work out.

Some things that did not work out... a lovely wall mount sink with a cool retro faucet. The two would not sync up, despite what the website told me and me, Cory, Scott, Pete, and Danny (the plumber) all standing around it starting at it. And the German directions were not helpful.  Only I would pick a sink that only provided cryptic pen and ink drawings and German directions. I'm thinking that sink had bad Karma (what with me being married to a half Jew and all) so back it will go.  So now we are left with no sink in that bathroom and the plumber comes this weekend to finish up. Luckily the Craigslist Gods are on smiling down on me today. Cory is going tonight to pick up a pedestal sink that should work. Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one.

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