Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beautiful Boy

My beautiful boy, the other night you were having trouble settling down. We recently took away your pacifier so you've been adjusting over the past couple nights. You handled Binky-Gate 2012 like a champ. While at a party, you handed over your pacifier to a friend's baby bravely declaring "I big boy. You have it Baby Eefan (Ethan.)" We all clapped and you were pleased as punch.

So as I stepped into your dark room that night, picking you up out of your crib,  you muttered between tears "Mama, wock (rock) Theo." I held you in my arms like I used to when you were first born. I held you while you lay quietly, finally calmed by just my touch. A sliver of light came into your room from the door I had left ajar. In that moment I looked at your 2-year old toddler face and saw this.

You will always be my beautiful baby. My beautiful boy. Mama loves you.

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