Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Boozin' and Shoppin'

That photo above is of my kids in a club. This was their first time in a club but it was daytime so we figured it was ok. Actually this was technically Beatrice's second time in a music venue (she attended a Snoop Dogg concert while in utero.) Anyhow, we brought the kids to TT's Rockin Holiday Flea Market and Bloody Mary Bash.

We drank killer Bloody Mary's and shopped the kitschy goods. We even got the kids a steamed dog and a Narraganset beer for $4. You can't beat that. Cory helped them out with the beer.

We walked away with a couple of treasures. Cory had to have this elf cookie jar (obviously.)

We also bought this RipeGoods handcrafted necklace for my sister in law.
The owner of this outfit is our friend from high school. I had heard she made jewelry so I was pleasantly surprised to see her selling her wares at TT's. It was great to catch up with her and shop her beautiful jewelry.

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