Tuesday, April 5, 2011

DC 2011 Re-Cap

I am about a week overdue on my DC recap but better late than never. Beatrice sums up our trip below. Our adventure began at 5am when Isabel, Dave, and Julian picked us up in the rented minivan. My sister stuffed the car to the gills with all of our gear (kids require lots of stuff and Portuguese girls travel with a lot of food-- nothing in coolers, mind you. See Portuguese Food Storage 101.) Our hopes were that the kids would sleep during the early hours until our first stop about 3 hours in but they were too excited. All in all it was a good ride. We had a new double screen DVD player that kept them entertained for a while and my sister, always thinking ahead, provided endless goodies and snacks, doled out at numerous breaking points. Julian was content to watch 8 straight hours of movies while Beatrice could have filled her time eating snacks. Theo was a bit out of sorts on the way down because he had a little cold. Even with the cold, he was a trooper. He was just so excited to be seated between me and my sister and to get oodles attention.

Our apartment in DC was great. I completely slacked off on picture taking but it was very similar to the place we stayed at in Montreal. We quickly unpacked (as is customary for the Chase's) and within hours it looked like we had lived there for years.

We filled out short 3 days taking in the sites of DC, spending time with Dave's family and friends, walking to markets, taking a run (yup, that's right... we jogged around the Capitol like real DC'ers), and just really enjoying family time.


  1. How many cupholders in your rented MV?

  2. Those cupholders are no joke. I sat in the way back and had room for 2 beverages and there was even another organizer holder thingy for my magazines and baby wipes. Sick!