Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Giving and Belated Birthday Wishes

Here are the girls getting their bake on for this month's give. Lilli had to keep reminding Beatrice to not lick the batter. My girl is a true Portuguese girl, so not scared of salmonella. My family is famous for the move where you bring some kind of perishable item to someone's house and they ask, "Should I refrigerate that before we eat." We never give it a thought "No, its fine." Cheesecake, potato salad, whatevs. It'll be fine.

And on an unrelated note, Happy Belated Birthday, Kristen. I have a feeling that 32 is going to be a spectacular year for you!


  1. I love Bea's guilty look! Almost like Lilli just told her to stop eating the batter... hehe

  2. Awww! Just saw this. Thanks, Jule!