Friday, January 7, 2011

My Goals for 2011

It's time for resolutions, or goals, as I prefer to call them.

  • Use my brain more: I need to get back into reading for pleasure. I also want to go to participate in more thought-provoking activities, like author lectures (sorry, that sounds so pretentious.) I think I still have a brain so I should really start exercising it. Tabitha Coffey is coming to the Brookline Booksmith. Does that count?
  • Eat dinner as a family 1 night a week: This one is shameful. I am sorry to admit it but we don't eat dinner as a family. Beatrice eats dinner at about 5. While she is eating dinner, Cory or I will feed Theo his dinner. Then its a frenzy of baths, cartoons, then books. After both kids are in bed, Cory and I eat. This one will take some coordination but hopefully starting small with one night a week will make it attainable. And maybe I should start cooking more on the weekends to have easy meals to pull out of the fridge.
  • Get my mental health in order: For the past few months, I've tried to to eat better and exercise in an attempt to get my physical self in order. It was going well until the holidays but bad habits (self-sabotage, compulsive eating, negative self-talk) have re-surfaced. I need to re-focus on my mental well being for this new year. I know that mental well being is tied to being physically healthy. I now need to face my depression and anxiety. I've managed to keep it at bay for the last few years but I can't do it alone anymore. It's time to get back on medication (it's helped me in year's past) and back to more frequent therapy sessions. I will not be a sad mother. I will not be an angry wife. I will not be this version of myself any longer.
  • Drink more water: This one is stupid, I know. But I need to drink more water. Period.
  • Find a way to work remotely 1 month in the next 2 years (so this one is a more long term goal): I left this one for last as it may be unrealistic but I still cling to hope. It has been on my "Less Talking/More Doing" list since I started this blog. I really want to do it. I'm newly inspired by fellow bloggers, Design Mom and Oh Happy Day. Our window is getting smaller since Beatrice is getting closer to school age.

What are your goals for 2011?


  1. work remotely- like in st.john? or from ashland?

  2. Ideally we're planning for Jersey Shore this July.