Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry, Merry 2010

Hello there. Just checking in before embarking on a shitstorm of food, drink, presents, hosting, house hopping, and celebrating. I wanted to document a couple of holiday moments leading up to Christmas 2010 before I forget them.

Holiday Cards
So kudos to all of you out there who managed to get a photo of your children together. Not so much in the Chase household. Here are some of the outtakes.

Here is what we pulled together.

Christmas Tree
A couple of weeks ago, we bundled up the kids, packed up the camera, and embarked on our Christmas Tree hunt. We pulled into the tree lot with 2 sleeping kids and a whipping wind. We took turns waiting with the kids in the car while the other went to find the 'perfect tree.' We ended up with a decent tree and the kids were absolutely no help at all. I think we're going to cut our own next year. Might make for a better photo op.
I hope Santa is good to all of you. But not to worry, Beatrice informed me that Santa brings presents to everyone, naughty or nice, even the 'bobos' (the mischievous monkeys on Diego.) According to the most recent episode of Diego, the bobos repented for their sins on Christmas Eve and were granted Christmas presents. Way to undo a month's worth of empty threats, Nickelodeon!

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