Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wake Up!

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving break. We had a great time. I have photos but I left my camera at Cory's grandmother's house so I'll do a proper Thanksgiving recap later. One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving break is having all of our high school (in some cases middle school) friends home. Our house ends up being home base which is fine by me. I love having a full house.

It does make for a few late nights though. Friday night was a doozy. Theo woke up for his 2am bottle just as my mom pulled out of the driveway after babysitting the kids while we were out. Luckily he took his bottle down fast and went right back to bed as our first guests were filing in. A couple of hours later (4am!), Beatrice woke up after a bad dream. That was my cue to call it a night and passed out with her at about 4:30. At 6:30 she was ready for 'toons and Theo was up for the day. Ouch.

But the kids hooked it up later in the morning. While laying in bed I was able to reflect on things I am thankful for this year:
1) Babies that take 3 hour naps. Theo knew his mama and daddy needed a rest. He slept from 9am-1pm.
2) Dora's Christmas Special. Beatrice watched it 3 times in a row. (God Bless you, Nickelodeon.
3) Little girls who can follow directions. After the 3rd viewing of Dora, Bea came into our room to announce that she was ready to get dressed. The whole family was still pajama-clad at noon. Don't judge. I physically could not get up to get her dressed (for the record, I wasn't hung over, just tired. Cory was hung over enough for the both of us.) Luckily we had been bad parents the day before so there was still a laundry basket of unfolded, clean clothes in the corner. Bea was able to find herself a perfectly good outfit and no one had to get out of bed.
4) iPhones. I let Beatrice play the Talking Tom game for a solid hour. I also recorded her telling stories, dancing, laughing, and then played them back to her. That bought us more time in bed. Here's a video of Beatrice trying to wake her very sleepy father. (For some reason, I can't post the video here, so when you get to the Picasa site, just click on the black fuzzy image and the video should start.)
5) Grandmas. Once we finally crawled out of bed and showered we took the kids to Grandma's house. There's nothing better than a grandma to entertain your kids while you sip coffee on her couch and try not to die.


  1. is bea in college with that humor? too funny!

  2. she totally takes after the mother in the sense of humor category. let's just hope cory doesn't wake up w/ a case of the 'pink-eye.'

  3. Ahhhaaaaaahaaa. I HAVE to see her soon!!!