Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Makin' Memories

Lately when Beatrice doesn't want to do something (like take a nap or clear her plate after a meal) she'll say "I can't mama, I sick." To which I reply "You're sick? What hurts?" Sometimes she'll feign that its her head or her belly or her knee. By the end of a week we've usually gone through every body part. A couple of days ago, just before nap time we had the following conversation:
Bea: "Mama, I no take nap, I sick. My penis hurts."
Me: "Honey, you don't have a penis."
Bea: "Oh ya, sorry. My peanut hurts."

She had another good one this past weekend. We went into Boston on Sunday. We walked all around the Greenway, had a picnic, went on a carousel, went to 2 huge parks, played in 2 sprinkler pads, and ate lots of goodies. It was a great day for all. On the ride home, I asked Bea what her favorite part of the day was. Her first response was "nuppin (nothing.)" After some prodding she replied, "I fall and hurt myselp (she still doesn't have a handle of the 'f' sound) because I was bein' sassy." That's what she's going to remember from our day in the city... the last part where she tried to run away from us in the Boston Common and fell and skinned her knee. Just makin' memories here.

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