Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Women, Food, and God

A couple of months ago I watched the Oprah interview of Geneen Roth, author of New York Times best seller, Women, Food, and God.

Here's the description from Amazon:
If you suffer about your relationship with food -- you eat too much or too little, think about what you will eat constantly or try not to think about it at all -- you can be free. Just look down at your plate. The answers are there. Don't run. Look. Because when we welcome what we most want to avoid, we contact the part of ourselves that is fresh and alive. We touch the life we truly want and evoke divinity itself.

Since adolescence, Geneen Roth has gained and lost more than a thousand pounds. She has been dangerously overweight and dangerously underweight. She has been plagued by feelings of shame and self-hatred and she has felt euphoric after losing a quick few pounds on a fad diet. Then one day, on the verge of suicide, she did something radical: She dropped the struggle, ended the war, stopped trying to fix, deprive and shame

And losing weight was only the beginning.

Time and energy are short these days but I definitely want to read this book as soon as I get back into the swing of things. I totally agree with Roth's take on food and weight/ body issues. I need to get to the root of this whole eating thing. Needless to say the breaking a habit in 21 days did not work and I often find myself eating for the wrong reasons. I'll let you know if I find any good take-aways in the book.

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  1. this is a friend of mine's blog... she's lost 80lbs in the past year. it's good, I think you might like it...